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I have a 2006 Dyna Super Glide that I purchased with 8mi.on it.Last year the 8 screws that hold the Alternator rotor and the compensator based out and fell into the stator and chewed up the windings.So I had to replace the stator and the 8 screws and dress the threads in the compensator and put it all back together wit alot of Red Loctite.Well this year the first Beautiful weekend it has happened again.I have owned and Built a few Bikes including a couple Shovel Heads and an Evo Fat Boy.I have never seen a design like this.The Compensator and Rotor were not held together with screws.I believe this is a Poor Design and should be recalled.My e-mail is you have any ideas on how I can eliminate this problem please don't hesitate to contact me.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I think they all do that. Your post is costing harley davidson money you ***.

Talk about unamerican. Your lucky you even got a harley.

Now you want to whine about It. Sell it and buy a ducati multistrada

Plymouth, England, United Kingdom #710073

06 streetbob owned from new. This also .happened to me.

All 8 bolts came out at 23000 miles and trashed the stator, rotor and chain tenhassioner. The local dealer lied saying it's unheard of, and the whole incident cost me £340. I feel Harley could predict this was about to happen and was negligent in not recalling this potentially lethal, bad design.

The owner's manual states that the inner primary bearings must be changed at the 15000 mile service, which wo :( uld have averted the fault, however they did not do this.

This has been my first and last Hardly Worthitson. :(


Same thing happened to me, 6 of the eight bolts backed out and LOCKED the rear tire @ 55 MPH....went to Harley of Pensacola with the parts and was told they had seen this before.....but there is a new and improved part (as talked about above)but there is nothing they could do to help as I had elected to tare down the bike myself(I'm A aircratf mechanic and this *** harley is in no way a chalange) I told the young lady at Harley that they must know there is a problem with this peace of *** altanator rotor must be flawed from Harley Davidson to redesin a "new" style rotor but all to no avale...She said in a nut shell go screrw yourself.... I will sell this Motor and NEVER BY an American made motorcycle again .....Going back to my Rice burners, F Harleys :(


Went to the Harley dealer and their has been a revision in the part.Now the rotor and the compensator are welded thet said.So I had to order a new assembly.280.00.So we will see whAT HAPPENS


this happend to me also this is a very bad design. they need change it to a hex head bolt and some type of lock ring with tabs that bend around the hex of the bolts. did you come up with anything that works, im going to do what you did the first time and just loctite the bolts or maybe just tig weld them on.

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