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I purchased a 2012 Dyna Super Glide Custom on 04/17/12 and went to pick up the tags and registration on 05/04/12 at Rommels HD in Smyrna, DE. This is an 80 mile round trip on route 1 with speeds of 65-70 MPH.

When returning from the trip on my Dyna, I was 1/4 mile away from my house when I heard a lot of noise and vibration from the rear wheel. I pulled in the clutch and looked at the rear wheel and saw the belt drive sprocket flopping around. The 5 bolts holding the drive sprocket to the rear wheel had backed out and no signs of LOC-TITE on the 2 dangling bolts and 1 wedged between the swing arm and drive sprocket. I pushed bike the rest of the way home and looked at what had just happened in disbelief with only 334 miles on odometer, wondering what might have happened at 65-70 MPH.

I called Rommels HD of Smyrna, which I had just left an hour ago bragging how much I liked the bike while I was there. I told Matt what had happened, he said he would line up a driver to pick up the bike today (Saturday 05/05/12), bike is at Rommels, Greg the manager said they will fix it. I said how about the rest of the nuts and bolts holding this POS together, Greg said they will look it over, I said you are not going to go back over every nut and bolt that would take 2 weeks. I am not real happy with HD right now.

Bike is broke and I haven't even gotten through the 500 mile break in. Harley will get a call Monday Morning, MORE TO BE POSTED.

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It's a Harley it's not meant to beat on

Truckee, California, United States #1190339

Hey I ride a Road King... And every time I get on the bike I very delligently inspect the entire bike...

Looking for loose bolts... Possible gas leaks... Possible oil leaks... I do not physically put a wrench on every bolt...

But I do visibly check everything... Wheel axel bolts .. Rear drive sprocket bolts... It's your life...

And the life of your possible passenger... You must do this... It's a motorcycle...Not a car... With a lot of vibration ....

You could have easily been killed when that sprocket began to come loose. At high way speeds...You can not depend on the assembly mechanics to have done a proper job of assembly... Even though it is brand new... I know ...

I'm sorry.... This is how it is... You must check for your self....

I've been riding Harley's for 40 years... It has always been this way.

to Anonymous Lewes, Delaware, United States #1238601

I ride a honda. Its like that oven. Just set it and forget it.


why are people marking this no helpful? its a common issue.


I feel your pain bro. I bought a 2012 street bob and put only 516 miles on it before I started to have trouble.

I was riding to work when my bike just died. A NEW BIKE DIED. I was HOT. I call Worth and had them come and pick it up.

It took the a week and a half to fix it.

Then, the other day, I was getting on it to pass a car and heard something that sounded like metal rattling around in my primary. I took it back to them and it is a factory part that was RUSTED. I was told that this is a problem that has been popping up with some lines of the 2012s. tomorrow I have to go and pick it up.

When I do, I m going to ask them if this is going to happen to me again because this is a bunch of BS. Growing up as a kid the only thing i wanted in life was a harley and they give me a piece of ***.

to Kopper_14 #1190471

Guess what? You got scammed.

Its the result of marketing. Sell it and buy a honda my good man. Then go riding. Oh.

Throw away those t-shirts. Jr

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