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I bought my first bike at Fort Thunder HD of Moore,OK (2014 Sportster 72 w/ 2 miles on it) and 5 days later I still haven't ridden it!! On the way home from buying the bike(husband drove it home because I need to practice before riding on the interstate) he pulled off due to a strange vibration from the back end and made it to a parking lot to inspect the bike but found nothing wrong but could smell burning brakes.

He got back on the road and made it a quarter mile when the back wheel locked up and almost killed him. We were stuck in the middle of the street on the highway at night for over 2 hours. Called AAA because Fort Thunder closed and their sales manager took to long to "figure something out" after telling her saleswoman that sold me the bike what happened. After I risked my safety riding the bike while the wench pulled it up onto the flatbed dragging my back tire the entire way I was told that I will get a call on Monday(it was Saturday) to get this taken care of.

Monday around 12pm they finally call me (after calling them twice) and told me they were sending a truck to pick it up. The battery also died after AAA dropped the bike off at my house the night it broke down which was supposedly replaced before I took it home which was a lie. I waited all day but no call to update me. I finally got a hold of the service manager and he told me the bearing exploded causing the wheel to seize and it was just a faulty part and they will deliver it back to me asap.

They then told me 2 hours before closing that it will take a week because they must order parts! I needed to practice all week to work a very large bike run in 6 days that I was doing with our Downed Bikers Club so every day it's sitting is lessening my chances of participating in our beloved bike run that's raising money for a son who died of brain cancer. Jessie the GM called me after leaving 2 messages for him and told me he can pull parts off of another brand new bike and deliver my bike the next day or he can order parts and have it in a few day so of course I opted for pulling parts off another bike so I can try and make up the lost 3 days of riding. They delivered the bike to me Tuesday and I noticed scratches all over the beautiful back fender.

I called them up and they told me to bring it in(I live close to an hour away) my husband once again drove my bike because the bike has never been drivable for me to practice yet and a half a mile down the road he started having problems again but this time he couldn't downshift from third gear!!! It would shift up but not down rendering his saftey in danger once again!! So at this point we were put in 4 very dangerous life threatening situations because of this bike AND Fort Thunder because if they checked the bike before putting a brand new driver on it or test driving it like they said they did(another lie) then this wouldn't have happened AND I even asked to have the bike switched out the first time but they refused even tho they've had the bike in their possession the entire time. They picked up the bike again and still never called me all day so I called before closing and the service manager told me that they bought the parts from a rival HD store and will get it fixed up and sent back today.

Needless to say I never heard from them so I asked for the GM(now 3 days of no return phone calls from this guy) and ended up speaking to Jen(sales Mang)and she lied to me and said it will take a few days to get parts in so I told her what the service Mang told me and she stumbled her words and backtracked and said they won't have time till tomorrow and they will keep me updated(lol that's a crock!) It's now Wednesday night and still no bike. I told Jessie, Jen, Micky and Mathius that I wanted to give the bike back and switch it out and they all said they would transfer me to the next person and got passed around till I ended up with lovely Jen again. After blaming the new problems on my husband and the previous problems (so they are not at fault because they blamed HD and my husband which their service manager already told me the truth that it was a faulty part) and she told me that I would have to "trade it in" like anyone else and get trade in value on a bike that had 2 miles when I bought it and 14 miles from my husband and 20+ miles from service after they picked it up from me. I told her it was unethical and immoral and she blamed it all on HD and my husband.

I told her to have Jessie call me asap and she said she will get him and have him call me. Surprise surprise he never called.. So my husband called corporate and they are launching a full blown investigation and will call me in two days. Fort Thunder still never called me so here it is about to be Thursday and I still don't have my bike!!

Before I discovered the new damage the second time I asked the GM for a complimentary new seat and he was only willing to give me 50% off!! This has been the worst buying experience of my entire life.

I am not only devastated that I will miss the bike run and will miss practiceing while my husband has a week off but I have paid $2,000 down on a bike that I havnt even used yet!!!!! I just want my bike replaced so I can get ready for Sunday!!!!

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Lewes, Delaware, United States #1276765

People should give her a wide berth on Sunday. With no practice group riding is not where she needs to be. Twocent/twofoot

Richmond, Kentucky, United States #1257399

I feel your pain. HD is no longer the company so revered in the past.

My brother worked for them about 10yrs & he bought brand new one, white and chromed everywhere. He kept it a year and traded for another brand name bike similar to the HD. Said he was happy with new bike. He told me himself that HD is a far cry from the fine bikes they used to make.

When HD started advertising on TV,which I don't ever seeing one myself, sales and service declined to the point of laying off employees. I hope your problems are by now resolved.


Sorry to here about problems with the new bike ride but did they at least compensated you with a new Harley t-shirt

to Anonymous Yukon, Oklahoma, United States #1020199

I'm not signed in so it says Anonymous but it's me, the original poster. No free shirt,lmao My hubby got a free shirt with his bike tho!!

Jerks. We have not stepped one foot on their property since this happened yet they keep inviting us to come back!!

No thank you!!! I wish they had better HD dealers here >:-/


Seriously? The dealer is responsible for you being a "new driver" and inexperienced?

Your husband rode an obviously faulty bike with unknown mechanical failures and you're blaming people for his self-endangerment? You wanted something for free and were offered 50% off and you're offended?

You're using the byline of a deceased young boy to further your own agenda? You're having one huge tantrum because your over entitled self might not get to ride your brand new motorcycle this weekend?


to GrowUp Yukon, Oklahoma, United States #972798

We go in and spend over a grand every month on parts & accessories and we also bought TWO New Harley's totaling more than $35k this year plus became friends with a few employees who also agree 100% with my stance on this. They all know us by name and see dollar signs when we walk in the door.

The first problem was a manufactur defect which he gave me a discount on my seat as compensation(they are still making a profit off of it btw) then they scratched up my back fender(their fault) and damaged the shifter lin kage causing the spring to fall off while riding. I bought the bike so I could ride it during our Downed Bikers Association Bike Run which I was supposed to volunteer for but left them hanging due to the bike being damaged. I didn't pay over $12k for a bike to wait a few weeks to ride it. Furthermore YES!!!

They absolutely ARE responsible for a new rider!! We hold Harley to a higher "American" standard that entails keeping our best interest at heart and our safety.

to Over-Entitled 72 #972803

Wow what is that guys problem ?!?! What a douche !

Don't let these people get you down baby girl.

Sounds like they effed up and weren't willing to do what's right to fix this mess. I would be screaming and hollering if this happened to me and I think they should have done a lot more for you to compensate all the stress and hassle they put you through . They could have given you that seat at cost and not made money off of your misfortune. I think it's horrible that you missed your charity run!!

Dang I'm still thinking about that other person's comment and how disrespectful and rude they were to you. Keyboard warriors are what people like that are called. All they do is talk trash and act like jerks on the Internet because they have no balls and are too chicken to do anything in person so they take out their frustrations on innocent victims online. What a loser.

He tells you to get a life, if you bought a Harley and go on bike runs all the time and he posts replies to strangers reviews then who's the one with no life? Just sayin.

Anyhow, I would never go back to that dealership again if I had that happen to me and would tell everyone About my bad experience to save anyone else from another bad experience . You know what watch it be one of their employees who posted that comment, that would not surprise me one bit .

to GrowUp #983617

Strangely you sound just like the *** excuses that Harley gives......Harley wont fix my brand new pos either. You GrowUp

to Anonymous #1020200

I was thinking the same exact thing!!! Hmmmmmmm....

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