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fluid is transferring from transmission into the primary, about 8oz per every 1000 miles. have had all gears replaced once and has been in shop 4 times since.

HD factory sent a gasket and washer to be installed hoping to fix the problem but that failed. now HD sent word to just ride bike even though the problem is still the same. Now, two things. one, i am worried about trans going dry and locking up while riding and killing my *** Two, my trans will b empty(dry) if i wait between service like HD said.

You ask, why dont i keep a check on fluid? reason is, HD said not to remove dip stick from trans and do not check fluid between service. I have this in black and white! have no problem with the service being done but have problem with HD for not coming up with a cure to fix the problem.

the problem is a manufacture error and i dont think HD has a cure. have talked to other HD retailers and they are having customers coming in with the same problem. maybe i got a lemon but i feel that HD should replace my 18 with another bike, or something.

i will never feel safe on this one. Now, the dealer will help me get out from under the bike if i will trade and give them more money.

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The shop may have installed the shift shaft seal that is a press fit into the transmission backwards. If this is the case, fluid will transfer from transmission to primary chain case.

If this is the case check transmission level if its low, keep bike upright and level remove clutch cover and if fluid pours out that is the problem.

Not a big job if the tech. has the knowledge to replace without going into the transmission.


If you don't feel safe then trade it for a new one. You probably just got a lemon

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