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Big Moose Harley Davidson in Portland Maine, Paid close to $2000 for performance upgrades and service on a new 09 Harley Davidson Street glide motorcycle, only to have the dealer *** it up, losing my *** parts, installing items on bike crooked, and not looking like quality. To only get lip service, and not offering to resolve my problems.

Have had to call, and email many at the dealership to not be satisfied, or have problems fixed. They do one *** of a good job to sell ya, but shouldnt expect too many repeat customers, if they treat all as they did me.

Very upset, spend over 20K on a bike, and have them turn it inot a joke looking bike. Will not tell anyone to buy there...EVER !!


Review about: Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

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Has anyone ever had a bad experience with storing their bike there? I got an '02 Indian Roadmaster and was thinking about storing it there but after reading all the bad things that have happened to people, I'm questioning wether I should go through with it or not.


I've been doing business with big mo ose for years never had a problem


if you have work done at big moose make sure you check your receipt.they will slip in extra charges,


Harley has to take away the dealership like HONDA did in the past! Remember the time when that Raynolds sold Honda Generators for a double price after that hurricane!

to Mike Buxton, Maine, United States #620309

I remember that. It's all about money with the Reynolds


I think ill go to la harly. id never by anything from reynolds again.,

to never buying here Boston, Massachusetts, United States #931493

Steer clear of LA Harley they are the same as a car dealer. Kiss your *** on way in and kick it on way out. I won't ever go to LA Harley for a *** thing they are exactly same find a small shop and do biz there


I had a 08 road glide there after an accident and it sat there all summer to have a frame replaced. When I got it back the parts they replaced were the wrong color and they never replaced the frame, they painted it and told me it was replaced.The service dept is a bunch of low life's{you know who you are}and liars.

They gave me back parts that did not even belong to my bike.

What ever you do don't go near them. If your bike breaks down push it somewhere else.

to Ed Potter Danvers, Massachusetts, United States #1259990

Just a bunch of *** lowlife shitbags. Go anywhere but there!!!!!


Portland me bullmoose sucks,Did a walk thru for about a hour customer service sucks! There partying behind the counter walked by purposley like 4 times i was invisible im 6"2' 230 pounds,Picked out some nice pricey gear and it is still there!!Ill make a road trip next week.


Purchased 06 roadking had several issues with it not running right... After many trips back and much BS I was given a riding lesson by the manager who pretty much told me nothing is wrong with bike but how you ride...imagine that...

Finally took to a reputable dealer who within 5mins diagnosed the problem as leaking intake gaskets... Apparently when stage one kit installed both gaskets were installed incorrectly... One folded over....

think their master techs could figure that one out ...They told me they changed the ecm when if so it was not even programmed for my bike... Would never even buy a bolt from them...


I couldnt even find a good shirt there, basically a dealership to skip if in the area.


I bought a bike there and was treated very well. John in parts remembered my name and bike!! I had a lot of extras put on and was happy with the work and help I recieved while picking out stuff and fitting the bike to me.


I was going to visit this dealership on a trip to Portland, but these reviews have changed my mind.


Big Moose is also NOT a dealership you can "deal" with. Both my brother and I have been allowed to walk out the door while being within $1,000 of a deal. The biggest reason for this is that Big Moose wants to steal your trade-in and sell you a new or used bike for above Kelly Blue Book list retail.I would recommend anyone looking to trade in their existing ride avoid this dealership


Had my bike stored during the winter and customized for $4000. Next spring when I picked up the bike I asked for the parts they took off, like pipes, contols, lights.

They told me that they SOLD them!! When I started getting angry they told me with a smile: it was nice making buisness with you- good by. When I arrieved at home I checked the bike.

No tire pressure, no oil change, the bike runs very hot-they forgot to put a new fuel map to the ecm after a stage one tuning. $20000 for getting screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


had 15000 mile chesck bought 2new tires called 1 day ahead to pick up bike big moose assure me bike ready call same day of pick up 4 00 pm no problem arrive bike not ready waited 1 hour they roll bike out white walls not clean also they forget sticker another hour they lost my business


You're in Maine --- do you expect quality ANYTHING?

Maine is known for some of the worst customer service in the entire country. The people are generally uneducated and rude, and have no concept of how to be successful.

Maine offers nothing to those who live there, so there is no work ethic learned, because there is no work ethic present.

to It's Maine, That's why #655865

Spoken like a true redneck!

to It's Maine, That's why Standish, Maine, United States #995570

No work ethic in Maine? friggin ***

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