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Bellmore Ripoff Harley I would like to tell you a true story,this is how things happen, usually not on purpose, they are mostly by accident. The beginning So you all know the story regarding Danbruy Harley and my Stater disaster, well DB Harley Davidson directed me to Bellmore as they had a relationship, Big Mistake.

I traded my bike and had to play hard business all the way or get ripped-off on every turn, The salesman ANDY; turned out to be a piece of ***. I sold my Bike to BM HD and was happy with the price, i wanted to take the plate cover from that my kids bought me, i was told, don't worry and do it when you pick up the bike. no problem except that when i came back to get my new bike NOBODY knew what i was talking about. It was gone and nobody cared, then they sold me a tuner-kit that is obsolete and never installed the X-pipe as instructed and paid for.

Now comes the accident, I get an inbox message on FB asking if i sold my Ultra to Bellmore and could the guy call me to ask questions about the bike? i was happy to hear someone bought the bike and so i said yes. Bellmore The guy is actually in the HVAC business out of Howard Beach and seems we have some things in common, He said that advertised the bike as a 103, it is not and was never a 103 just for the record, anyway so he ran down to see the bike he fell in love with it, he took photos of the bike and did the paper work. Upon picking up the bike he noticed that many of the accessories were missing from the bike and clearly were in the photo.

When he asked where the accessories went he was simply told that they were rusted and had to be removed. Rob asked for the old rusty parts as there new and on the bike in pristine condition the day he did the paper work but was told the same thing as me, I don't know what happened to them, they must be lost. They had the balls to offer a discount if he wanted to buy more accessories to replace what was on the bike. Moral of the story.

Never trust Bellmore Harley, they have a very unscrupulous way of doing business and i for one am happy to get the message out starting with my club. It makes me sick that these *** get away with this and look you straight in the eye and lie. $36K on a new bilke and 28K on the Ultra before that at bellmore, Not another penny from Mr. Pete ever, i have spent at least 15K on options and customizing at Bellmore but never again and the new owner said the same thing.

too bad HD Corporate just does not care. Mr Pete LI NY Riding motorcycles for 45 Years

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: I wan a letter of apology because they now what they did and how i was treated .

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I love this cruiser.


A free t-shirt perhaps

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