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In December 2012 I bought a brand new CVO Breakout form ROCKET Harley Davidson in Madison , AL.

Before riding the bike I asked them to put a SE race tuner and Vance and Hines Big Radius exhausts on it.

At the time I was working in the Middle East and I had not even seen the bike when it was shipped out to me.

It arrived at the local Harley Davidson dealer (with engine oil in the oil tank and fuel in the gas tank).

Upon arrival I noticed that the exhausts were a deep blue colour. A bit strange for a new bike with only 8 miles on it!

I got it registered and got on the bike to ride it home for the first time. 4 miles down the road the engine stalled on me and I had to get a recovery truck to take it back to the dealer.

When the engine was taken apart they discovered that it was so badly damaged (overheated) that even the engine block was unusable.

Since the bike was exported from the US the warranty was void and ROCKET Harley Davidson refuses to have done anything wrong. They will not even talk to my local Harley Dealer to hear about their findings.

Here I am with a 32.000 USD bike that I have only let authorised dealers touch and now I have to buy a new engine myself.

I am very disappointed in Harley Davidson, Milwaukee and evenly as much with ROCKET Harley Davidson, Madison, AL who will happily charge you an arm and a leg for breaking your new bike without taking any responsibility what so ever!!

I guess you can put me right at the top of PISSED OFF CONSUMERS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Harley Davidson Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Man that sucks! as a CVO Breakout owner I do sympathize with you. Sue their ***!

to Anonymous #1083661

Thanks mate. Appreciate it.

It's not until you are in trouble you realize how little the big companies care about their customers...

I still have the bike and could not find another i would rather have but still.

I'm not impressed with the support from HD or their representatives.

to Anonymous #1149060

someone else started this bike in transport and let it idle until it overheated, not harley ...Blue pipes is heat man..

to Anonymous #1149888

It was in a crate that was sealed at the dealer and not even open upon arrival by customs in Dubai. Was not opened until it reach the dealer in Dubai where I was present. It's definitely not need started during transport mate.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia #909293

Same with my cvo breakout over heated *** the engine harley only want to fix the top end they refuse to check my crank and cam bearings and say there is nothing wrong with the bottom of the motor. I'm not happy at all and I'm selling my lemon asap and never again will I set foot in a Harley Davidson shop as long as my *** points south they can *** off with the heap of junk

to *** service cvo Holb, Sjelland, Denmark #909498

You have seen the pictures posted.

Make them take the whole thing apart.. You don't have to dig deep to find other bits that needs to be changed.

Good luck mate.

to *** service cvo Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #946937

my cvo is in there now getting the top end down now 3000lkm on the clock asked to check bottom end they said all is good how can you say that without checking anything not happy told me 6 weeks to fix parts from the states that's bull *** never again Harley Davidson

to cvo Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania #946960


I'm feeling the way. This is the last HD I've blow my money on.

They don't give a *** about their customers and are not prepared to correct thier mistakes.


to *** service cvo #1120670

Selling your problem lemon to some sucker will give you the bad karma. Perhaps you've done that before.

Good luck. Brahma


Hey buddy.

I had the same problem with my 2014 CVO BO here in Australia.

After months of bickering with HD, they coughed it up.

New oversize pistons, bored out 10 thou, redo the heads, all under warranty.

I have eventually found out why your breakout CVO overheated.

Here it is.....

Are you sitting down? The guys who polished the tanks with cutting compound on the assembly line did not plug the fuel filler cap, so all the cutting compound got into the fuel tank. So....once the fuel tank was filled with the cutting compound still in the tank, it caused an abrasive action on the fuel pump impellers wearing them out causing low fuel pressure causing a lean mixture, pinging, detonating, stalling and eventually seizing. WOW.

One of the head HD technicians informed me that HD knew about this back in April 2014 and a memo was sent out to all the HD dealerships stating that the fuel tank was to be removed and washed out during predelivery. What a chain of events hey? I hope this helps.

Now we wait for HD to have a recall..... Regards Pissed off CVO BO owner

to CVO BO #901070


That is quite a story!

That explains a great deal.

I'm happy to hear that you didn't have to pay for it yourself.

Since my bike was exported from the U.S.

HD has told me that the warranty is void.

This little "mistake" of theirs ended up costing me 10.000 USD and I am now left with a bike that no longer has matching numbers.

Thanks for letting me know. Cheers

to Anonymous #901086

Hey buddy.

Your warranty should still be valid.

You need to contact HD and tell them to reimburse you. Tell them you know why your engine / piston seized.

I picked my bike up during the winter months, I knew my bike wasn't right when I rode it out of the dealership, so I kept taking it back saying there is a problem with it, surging, hard to start, back firing through the air cleaner (lean mixture).

I have been in the trade for over 30 years.

4 months later, as soon as the temp got over 33 degrees C the bike ran really hot, overheated, stalled, bad burning smell and wouldn't restart.

I called the dealer and ripped him a new anal passage and I threatened media attention. This has only been a problem with the CVO Breakouts, due to the metal polishing of the tanks, and HD now know about it. If you don't ask you will not receive.

They #$%^ed up they should fix it. You did nothing wrong......Not like the clown who blamed you for changing your fuel settings on your ECU.....OMFG All the best champ, good luck

to CVO BO Sunnyvale, California, United States #901092

Hey again,

I will definitely try what you suggest.

Unfortunately the Hd´s with a serial number starting with 1 is meant for the USA and so the warranty is only for the USA. I bought mine there and exported it straight from the dealer.

It is alway good with some new ammunition.



Have you read what I have written??

The bike was only touched by authorized dealers. Why would I mess with a brand new bike myself? And why spend time putting this on the internet if if I had caused it myself?

You truly is an ***!


Not buying this for a minute. I will tell you why you melted the piston.

You tried adjusting the SERT yourself and you didn't know what you were doing.

In turn, you leaned it out TERRIBLY and melted you engine. A SERT isn't for a rookie, just look at your pics for proof.

to Indian*** #857656

Have ypu read what I have written? ??

The bike has been in aithorised dealers hands only.

Why would I mess with it myself?

You really are an ***!

to Indian*** #901069

Hey Indian ***.

I think you need to apologise to the original poster.


Shoot first ask questions later....

You wouldn't be from the USA would you?

Regards CVO BO owner who found out from HD that they f*^%* up.

to CVO BO Southlake, Texas, United States #902191

He rides an Indian, what else would you expect?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #830701

Hey Rocketman,

Yeah I have had several HD´s and really do like them but I am afraid that this is the last one I have had.

Just now my new motor is being installed at a cost of 8000 USD out of my own pocket...

I will be getting one of these after I have sold the Breakout: www.lauge-jensen.dk

Good luck on finding your new bike.


Man, I wish you all the best to get this resolved. It has to be a disappointment to you and a "heads up" for me.

I usually buy a new bike every two years and this is my shopping year. After riding European bikes for a long time I was seriously considering a H-D V Rod this year. In fact my wife did the unusual, going to the local H-D shop with me last month and giving her vote of approval to the Harley Davidson line.

After reading of your experience I will stick with my Ducati's, Triumph's, and BMW's because like you I often do "aftermarket" upgrades when I buy my bikes.

I hope in a way that you just got a bad bike that H-D will make right for you. If on the other hand your dealer hosed up the install on your gear, they should be culpible for replacing your bike as well.

Best wishes.

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