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I just recently bought my 9th Harley Davidson. I purchased a 2016 Fat boy S.

The wheels even though there are holes in the solid wheels , the bike is all over the road. I have to ride in the back when riding with friends in fear that the bike will switch lanes and kill somebody. I'm actually afraid of riding the bike. Riding it on an interstate is out of the question....I want the wheels swapped out for different wheels.

I bought this bike at Falcons Fury in Conyers Ga. I'm going to my sales person for help, but I really don't expect them to do anything...,,...I Need Help!!!!!

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of 2016 harley davidson fat boy s motorcycle from Harley Davidson. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Harley Davidson to "wheels swapped out".

The most disappointing in user's experience was bike. Author liked the most dealership is awesome. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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The wheels are what makes a Fatboy. You should have bought a different bike.

I hope your wife beats you up tonight. Chump

Livingston, Tennessee, United States #1265721

ask them to ride another one if in stock the FB does like to wander in cross wind but nothing an experienced rider can not handle with x-tra countersteer input check neck bearings and tires belt/rear wheel placement

Truckee, California, United States #1245346

Hey.... It is not just the rims that are the problem...the solid rims absolutely get blown around...

but it is the tires that are creating the biggest problem... if your bike is equipped with the Dunlop 402's... that's your biggest problem... they are junk tires...

and everyone at Harley knows it... because of their straight tread design, even with the short diagonal off sets... they get caught up in the road cracks and rain grooves... causing your bike to wiggle all over the place...

especially at high speeds heading into the turns... this seriously impairs your confidence as you ride... you'll be frightened as you head into a turn...The bike will handle like S..T...if you do have Dunlop 402's on your bike... get them off...

right away... install the Dunlop American elites 3's...or the Michelin Commander 11's... or Metzler'll be amazed at the difference... Your bike will be a completely different ride...Good luck to you!!...

Oh, by the way... Harley knows the Dunlop 402's are junk... They are phasing them out... go look at any Street Glide...

or Road Glide... or any CVO...

not one 402 on any of them... Good luck

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