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bought 2- new 2008 Harley Davidson bikes and warranties never used the warranties and sold the bikes in 3 - 4 months to dealerships dues to illness,We spent $80,000 with the store and will not refund $5000.love Harley but not the dealer ship.

this is what spoils a good product that has been around for years. The customer is an asset to a company and therefore deserves customer serivce.

especially when dropping that amt of money.either the store is in trouble or greed has taken over.I need restitution,a check,as soon as possible-hurry up


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If you are refering an extended warranty then it is handled through a company called CNA.There is a warranty transfer or cancelation form at your dealer.

It will be a prorated amount, but it can be done. Once cna sends the check to the selling dealer, they are required to write one to you.

This can take a couple of months.Good luck

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