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I just want to express my disappointment in Harley Davidson for having so many of their products made in China. I love my Harley Softtail, don't get me wrong.

Their motorcycles are an undisputed American classic. But, why not their merchandise??? It irks me every time I want to purchase something and I see the words "Made in China". In today's economy with hundreds of thousands of Americans looking for work, it just seems ludicrous to me that Harley Davidson outsources all of these jobs to, of all places, China.

WTF It, to me, is a crying shame and I would love to see them change their policy. I'm sure it would encourage more people to spend more money at their local Harley dealer. Would Harley make less money per item? Most likely.

But, would they sell ten times more products? Indubitably. It would be a triumph for the company and for all of the Harley fanatics that I am proud to be a part of.

Please make me even more proud! Love you HD -- LB

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if everything was made im USA it would cost an arm and a leg because we all want to be paid top dollar. seen it before, HD makes USA made jackets now and then and they are $800 compared to the regular $550-600 of the ones made in china... everyone thinks they want USA made untill they see the $$$

Sacramento, California, United States #688616

The real kicker is that Harley charges 3Xs the price for the cheap Chinese *** than others charge for the same part made in the good ol USofA

to Rooster #1106006

Its called buying knockoffs for full price. Its the same with their cycles. As long as the stockholders are happy.

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