My brand new 2014 Ultra Limited has leaked since day one. First they inspect and tell me what's leaking but they have no parts.

I call the corporate and they expedite the part over a week and I spend 3 hours waiting for it to be repaired. Then, two weeks later I do a pretrip inspect and lo and behold it is all empty again. So instead of a trip tomorrow (Saturday) I will be dropping off to the dealer for second time.

Harley cannot make a new product without something leaking I swear! oh all of this under 700 miles!

Monetary Loss: $27000.

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the new 2014 Ultra i got does the same thing according to the dealer a new recall has just been launched lets see if they can get it right


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London, England, United Kingdom #737057

I was thinking of buying one with the clutch and now the water I do not know. himmmmmm

I think I will wait for 6 months and see what gives.

ps I got a 2011 Classic its been faultless, Ive been all over france with it and now has 10000 miles on it. love this bike :zzz :)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #722649

Given the choice...we want to buy American....and this is what we are rewarded with:-( very sad....I hope the make this right for you

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