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i brought my bike in to shop to get my clucth fix and the shaking in the motor along with the front motor mount was broke from the constance vibration plus the brake light stayed on which was burning out my bulbs. they replaced the motor mount and put a used front brake lever on and didn't fix the clutch but told me they did. this was at the 30,000 mile check up. that was my third motor mount without fixing the problem.

it shakes so much my teeth ratle at stop lights. I'm afraid to drive it and it's only 5 years old, bought it brand new on my 47 birthday. I've been riding harleys for 39 years, i'm a american.

my light being on is a front master cyclinder not just a lever. i was charged over four or five hundread dallors and still haven't been fixed. I love my bikes in my spare time when I'm not riding i'm building older bikes. I'm beging to think I bought a lemon i hope not because 06 street glides arnt cheep. I,ve coplained about my clutch and the excessive vibration about four times and each time I pay my bill and got on my scoot I always said the same thing I just got screwed again and got charged for something that was still under warrentee. with the extended warentee i almost paid 30.000 $. In this case it's not the driver it's the company that has bad mechanics. If I knew this I would of never bought this beauitful bike, I would of bought another used one and fixed it myself.

I just wanted something nice that I could enjoy riding and feel safe on.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Leon Valley, Texas, United States #1266172

*** I flogg my honda all the time. I would love to see how fast I could break your toy with just my normal riding style.

These harley can't take a ride let alone a beating.


You sound like a Good customer.

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