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It appears that they try to take advantage of the excitement of buying a motorcycle for the first time and them making the biggest sale rather than a happy customer with the right motorcycle to enjoy. I bought a 2017 Road King & the finance guy lied to me about a toolkit that came with the sale.

The bike is too big for my experience of riding & I almost quit riding after hurting myself a couple times on the bike. So after much thought, I decided a smaller bike would be better to learn how to ride before getting on such a large bike. I returned and they kept trying to get me on the Street Bob, but I was firm with buying a 2017 Iron 883 and again the finance guy told me he added the 3 year extended warranty at no cost, but when I finally received my copies of the sales paperwork, I had paid for it and DID NOT want it at a cost to me. I paid cash for both these motorcycles.

I feel they are all about putting you on the largest bike possible to make the most money on a sale and they don't care about a satisfied customer for return business. Their attitude is "you can't go anywhere else to buy a new one" and they can do what they want with you.

Review about: Harley Davidson Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Happy with HD but not BR, LA dealership.

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You gave them 4 Stars man. Most learn on a cheap $1000 Honda.

That's the way to go for a year. I realize the temptation.

Sounds like you got the right bike now. It may just be all you need.

Salem, Oregon, United States #1336579

Your the donkey. You have some nerve blaming them..

you don't have enough moxie to be on any bike.

You sound like a whinebag too. Get a car dummy.

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