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They charged us 995.00 to "check out" and "go over" a motorcycle that we were BUYING from them.They had this bike listed on the web, pictures and all, but charged 995.00- -sound normal?

I have bought many cars, trucks and bikes in my life, not ONE dealer has ever charge me one cent to check out their own inventory- -but these people do! Nothing was brought up about this charge until we had to sign the papers- -not one word about a FEE for checking out their own items they have listed for sale. Was told this is a normal fee they always charge.

If this is the "new way" of doing business I am glad I am not buying anything else from them.They turned a event that WAS supposed to be happy, into a night mare.

Review about: Harley Davidson Vehicle Inspection.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.


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how do you think they pay for all their parties,bands,free food that they supply to you?


same thing happen to me today.I went to buy this bike for the price listed I get the bill and it almost $700 more.

I like the bike and I would have bought it for that price if they would have been up front with it.instead they pissed me off and I left!


stay away!!very, very shady people!

would not buy anything from there. its a shame for Harley Davidson to have such a dealer ship with their name on it. went to buy a sportster one guy tells me both tire are new another guy tell me only one tire is new! advertisement on cycle trader was $3299.00 and a pic of the odometer said certified.

I figure that's included. nope its not!! ITS $700 for the certification!!

false advertising just to get people in smh!!CHICAGO HARLEY DAVIDSON!!

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