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Well, it's a gorgeous bike I must admit. As a motor vehicle guy I love to fly planes, drive fast cars, boats and now, I love motorcycle.

Walking into a dealer in Bellmore Long Island, I saw it, bought it and in 18mos put a mere 833 miles on it. Why? Because I lost confidence in the bike but more importantly I lost faith in the deLers I dealt with. I was promised the world but I'm on my 3rd fuel pump and after a couple hundred miles won the odometer, and 65 miles in remaining fuel, I ran out of gas.

Wtf? No problem I thought, ever the optimist, I called roadside assistance and was told 'we don't go to Manhattan.' I was flabbergasted. A $32k bike and I was treated like a ***. Rightfully so because I bought it on impulse but I figured '***, it's Harley, they'll hook me up!' No such lunch.

There is very little pride in anything anymore and Harley in Bellnore can screw off. What they did not count on is my ownership in a securities class action firm and would like to hear from others with similar experience s with HD and their problems with their failure to stand by their bikes. Anyone with serious issues and HD failing to stand behind its product should email me for their input and explore the possibility of saving the American company we all love from the obvious breakdown in management resulting in substandard service and remediation of the product.

Email me at gh@hachroselaw.com if you wish to make your issue known. Be well and drive safely out their, GH

Product or Service Mentioned: Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Awesome Bike.


Torrance, California, United States #1218328

If you have instituted or are still considering instituting litigation, please let me know. I am in Jersey and have a series of situations that occurred over the last two years with 2 motorcycles.

please contact hurryuppete@aol.com and reference Harley Litigation. Thank you.


The most important thing is you still love it. Its got mechanical problems but looks cool.

Good luck with your lawsuit. Harley deals with whinebags like you all the time.

You dilute the authenticity of the word biker. Jr


Sorry to say that's why I'm on a Honda


I recently purchased a new black dial analog speed odometer from Bruce Rossmeyers in Ormand Beach and it would not download my digital info so I took it to Rossmeyers for a new one and was surprised to hear we will have to check it out and get back with you well I know Harley shops "lie" but what was I to do had $315 in it and wanted a new one......well as of 6 days later and no product.......have a charge back pending.......just to let you know ALL Harley shops are letting the inmates run the institution......they are not HONEST at all!!!!!

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