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Just got my $450 Harley Davidson jacket in the mail and the tag say "Made in China". WTH? Also got a $20 key chain, again "Made in China".

I thought HD was an American company? You're much better off buying "knock off" HD parts because at least some of those are made in America.

Harley Davidson study what happened to Zenith. Zenith once dominated the TV market. Their TV's were the best, top of the line, second to none.

Then they moved production to Mexico. Now Zenith TV's are considered (and actually are) junk.

So HD executives take note. Better line your pockets now because the image of your product is declining rappidly.

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"I thought HD was an American company? " Of course it is and nothing is more American than making as much as you can while outsourcing jobs to keep the shareholders and customers happy.

All you have to do is let HD know you're willing to pay a lot more for stuff made in the good old USofA. If you so-called good Americans voted with your dollars, paid more for USA made stuff and shunned the China Wal-Mart junk we would be a lot better off but you're not going to do that are you?


All my old shirts from the 90's were made in USA. Started riding again last year.

Went to buy some clothes and they are all now made in China. My kid went to China on a trip with school.

I asked her to pick me up a Harley shirt. It was made in China and cost $90 for a t-shirt.


Around 2012? I bought a pairof HD boots with a heavydiscount (size 14) at a DSWshoe-store.

Did notice theChina label, but they were cheap.

Looked good, but solecame off after I started usingthem for work. Glue sucks.


I had a Fatboy but sold it as I was fed up with being ripped off by dealers selling far east accessories at sky high prices. I wouldn`t have minded paying top price for stuff made in the US as that should have been part of the joy of owning it: knowing something was made where the bike came from. I get seriously pissed when I see on a label "Designed in the UK" then I know for sure the what I`m looking at is no longer made here but in Asia.


We have the biggest Harley Davidson Dealership in Virginia about 20 minutes from me. Went with a friend who was buying a new bike and I was going to buy a couple of new tees.

Have many from years ago that say Made in the USA. COULD NOT FIND EVEN 1, in a selection of over 500 shirts, Jackets, hats etc...

that are made in the USA. Boycott the lie that Harley has become.


Your the clown buying it.


Everything in the store is made in China, we have actually walked out of many dealerships on our travels, because could not find any shirts made in the USA. Shame on them, a so called American company not supporting American Economy. Harley Riders need to wake up and not be blinded by the Harley Label


Remember harley sold out for the stock holders. They are important. Not the suckers buying the ***.


You're all *** and the Chinese are making all kinds of profit and stealing and invading America.


China sucks


I have been a Harley shop for 45 years. and just got a new front wheel assembly part #43671-00 .After I got it I opened the box and found that the wheel had no bearings or spacer.I payed Over 500.00 dollors for it and was told bye the dealer that Harley wanted a 100.00 more for the bearings and spacer.

I have got hundred of wheels and never got one like this. Are you that chicken *** Harley Davidson two rip us all off.

Los Angeles, California, United States #768586

Sighhhhh yeah today was a sad day for me as I turned in my ten year old battery to the dealership for a new one. The old one displayed "made in america" The new one was devoid of that on the same location.

I griped to the dealer that it better not be made in flippin china or I walk! He read in the front that it was from Milwaukee. I should have looked. I get home and look at it and it says, Marketed by HD Milwaukee WI.

Not made, but marketed. I did not see a made in china, but one can only figure that the absence says volumes. HD...

you were the last hope.. :x

Austin, Texas, United States #740057

I am with you. Just bought a HD Leather jacket Made in China. WTF is that? On top of that, *** threads are coming off of the Emblem. If I had to get some cheap ***, then I would have just bought *** jacket from Walmart and just put HD emblem on it.

Y'all this is not a bad idea. Buy stuff made in USA, and put HD emblem on it. I am about to do that...

HD shame on you for this rip off! A very disappointed customer.


Been saving forever to buy some American Harley boots. What a ripoff.

Made in f-ing china .. Wtf rice burner boots. Is this what I saved my much needed money for?

I am really pissed off. And I will not waste anymore breath or bucks saying how at least Harley's all USA


Harley motors ARE Chinese....lifan engines always have been always will be hence the change in slogan from built in America to made in America!! I bet if u order yur next starter an have it mailed to your house it will say ''assembled in the usa.....with parts from china'' people need to get over it the bikes are good an will be for a looooong time!! doesn't matter WHERE the parts are from as long as u maintain the darn thing

Haikou, Hainan, China #680066

Why not use your head before you order Harley items. Their mark up is criminal.

There is a web site in China called Taobao and everything you buy in good old USA is on it for 1/4 the price.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #655430

Two words for Harley Davidson, Greedy ***'s I refuse to buy anything else from these greedy people! and once I pay this bike off I'm trading the raggedy piece of *** in on a Honda.


Welcome to the world of global manufacturing. I read in a report on another website that only about 60% of the typical HD is actually manufactured in the USA.

The remaining components and parts are brought in from all around the world. So, the buy American, own a Harley is no longer applicable and hasn't been for a number of years. So much for giving Rice Burners a bad rap.

But, hey, HD or whatever, if you're riding a bike and it makes you happy that's what matters most! I'm riding a Honda VTX, made in Marysville, OH.


Here's my story, Been riding and buying HD for 47 Years. My last bike was an 08 CVO Ultra -top of the line - nearly $40K of USA motorcycle - or so I thought. At 12000 miles I needed to replace the seat. The "sewn" seams of the "leather" came apart as they were neither leather nor sewn but plastic and glued.

Then my radio quit working and the dealer wanted over $3K to fix it. I figured I would save some bucks and take it out myself and go to a local radio shop. They refused to work on it say it was made in China and any time they would work on it it would not last. He at least fixed so I had sound in my headsets but that was all. It is still busted.

Then the last straw. My front wheel came loose and I took it to the dealer who replaced the bearings. When he showed me how the original bearings had fallen apart, I could not help noticing that it was stamped MADE IN CHINA. That was it. When they, HD Corporate, screws with my comfort and enjoyment that is one thing, but when they disregard my safety for the almighty buck, it is time to part ways. I got rid of the Harley.

Oh BTW. I'm sitting on a Goldwing.


When will people wake up! Kawasaki and Honda are the 2 largest "Amaerican made" Motorcycle manufactures!

Sure lots of parts come from Japan but over 60% (and in some cases from Kawasaki ATV/side by sides) are 90% american made! Harleys are $5,000 bikes that tey sell for 15-20k! You you idiots buy them!! Under advanced, over priced!

When a Kawasaki 900 or Honda 1300 has more power and a million times more reliability then a 96CI harley at LESS then 1/2 price all because of the name on the tank, thats like walking into your Chevy dealer and asking them to sell you a Cavalier but charge you for the Corvette!

Harley's are less then 40% american made... the are Assembled in america, engines from Voltswagon, FI from germany, forks/shocks from japan, wheels from china or indonisia, lots of the little things like levers and the whole wire harnes from mexico.

Don't buy the NAME!, read and buy the american made products, bring jobs back to where they belong

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