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I am extremely disappointed with the Harley Davidson Street. I had great expectations for this bike and now I am stuck with it.

Harley's are supposed to be fast and loud not quiet and slow. Even the Vance and Hines pipe for the bike makes little difference. The bike sounds like a sewing machine and the V&H pipe just make it sound like a loud sewing machine. This bike is NOT a Harley Davidson.

I am now trying to sell it to get a REAL Harley Davidson.

I've only got 1200 miles on it and am going to loose big money on this bike. Not happy

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You got a low end Harley. Get a bike with 100+ horsepower and you won't want to be on a loud, overweight and underpowered cycle again

Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States #1218008

harleys are not fast and the bike is half a vrod trade it for a regular harley then you will understand r u a new rider?


when you buy junk ,thats what you get JUNK! DONT BUY harley AND YOU WONT HAVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS!!!

Tampa, Florida, United States #881889

You can clearly tell that is NOT a HD, or a Street Glide with just a glance, I think you need to educate yourself on ALL bikes, prior to purchase. Actually prior to riding if you cant clearly see that IS NOT A HARLEY DAVIDSON STREET GLIDE by just the body style. I could stick a Harley Emblem on a mopehead and sell it to you...........

to Pam Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1187473

Its the new harley 750 street. Made in India.

Not street glide.. Even a 96 inch harley has only 65 horsepower. That is sad.

Its also sad people associate noise with power. Johnny


The truth about harley's:

They don't Go (fast)

They don't Stop

They don't Turn

And with aftermarket loud pipes, they sound like Volkswagen Bugs from the Sixties.

What do they do well? They cost a lot.

On the other hand, some of the Buell's were pretty decent machines, if you ignore the Harley motor and weight.

to mikey Tampa, Florida, United States #881893

I have to disagree with you, the speed so so, but I have slip on's on my Sporty, and they are really loud, and sound great. My engine sounds like a fine tuned Harley............the sound that only a Harley makes. Not sure where you all are getting these bikes from................

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #874378

What a dumb review. You are complaining about a product you did little research on not being your made up expectations.

Here's a tip, if you want the quintessential Harley, you should've bought a cruiser. Jeeesuus!


First of all both of you who have replied obviously dont get it...americans love harleys because they ARE loud and have a rumble, a vibration reminiscent of a muscle car...if you dont like the way they sound dont listen...*** the world...secondly to the original poster...you really should have done your research first. The street is a 500cc or 750cc import stamped with american badges...the powerplant is an imitation vrod...its marketed for younger generations who cannot afford a sportster (beginners harley) but still want to own a harley....do yourself a favor, if you want to buy a "real" harley then get yourself an early 80's Shovelhead...last of the real Harleys...no AMF, and no german engineered or Porsche made bullsh*t...just my 2 cents...but you better have a decent set of tools...because they're not the magical almighty bmw...they wont fix their selves lol.

to Ghost #871414

The Street you bought... welcome the the 'future' Harley-Davidson Corporation.

The pussification of the American Male continues. Unlike Ghost... I don't suggest buying an oil leaking Shovelhead... Get a Harley with an Evolution motor in it- the later Evos (1994 - 1999).

THIS is the engine that saved Harley. I own an 1996 FXSTC and a 2006 Nightrain with a TC88- they are REAL Harleys because the guy that rides them... actually rides them... a lot.

The guy that rides them does the oil changes and general maint and also repairs the bikes as issues come up (stator, clutch pack, blown head gasket, inner primary seal, etc)... and they do come up. They're Harleys. They can be reasonably reliable AS LONG as you take care of them.

If you want the latest in technology in modern engine design, don't buy a Harley. With that said, there isn't a better sounding or looking bike then a Harley... that's where it starts and ends. Anybody that tells you different, don't know *** about Harleys.


oh really.

to Ghost #874231

Streets & Revolution engines sold in US & Canada are manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri. Last time I checked, Missouri was in the United States.

Streets sold outside US & Canada are manufactured in Bawal, India.

San Clemente, California, United States #869855

Harley's are not fast period. Your buying a parade bike when you get a Harley and should know that before buying one.

If you want fast get a large displacement rice burner or better yet a BMW K1300S or S1000RR. Why would anyone want loud? Grow up. Are you trying to *** off the World?

That is what your doing when you make a bike loud. Be happy with fast but don't blame Harley for making average performing bikes because they're exactly what they advertise them to be. They're not particularly fast and even slow by my standards. The first rule is get to know the bike your going to buy.

TEST RIDE IT! You can even rent bikes and really get to know them first.

BMW will let you test ride one for enough time to be sure you like that model before a purchase if they feel you have the ability to ride one well. This is not Harley's fault...it's yours.


One would presume with expensive purchases and something that is clearly very important to you personally, you would have researched the 'street' bike was made to be a quiet bike. I think it is a good business move on HD's part to offer more variety.

Complaining about something that is doing exactly what it was designed to do is futile. Sell your bike, but don't blame HD for your lack of consumer planning.

On another note, I can't stand the boisterous noise of the typical HD. Whenever I hear those hogs, I think, 'sorry about your peenniss' The rediculous noise serves absolutely no purpose other than, lookie ME lookie ME

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