St. Johns, Florida

I have a 2008 HD Ultra Glide. I received first degree burns on my thighs while sitting in traffic. Has any one else had problems with engine getting that hot to cause burns?

This new engine runs hot even when doing 60mph, but have not had any mechanical problems.

I think when a person purchases a vehicle it should be safe to drive without having to worry about getting burnt.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

Does anyone know of any class action law suites taking place because this type of injury or if HD is going to initiate a recall to prevent burns.

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I have the same bike and heat problems, can't even ride when the temps are above 90.

Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States #1218009

yes buy mid frame delfectors, or dont drive in heavy traffic, its and AIR COOLED ENGINE. you must be a new rider.


I purchased a 2015 tri glide and I tell all my friends love the bike but not gonna have clothes and skin if I keep riding it. Four pair of paints ruined from holes by the ankle from heat and two burns on my right leg one my knee and a very bad one by my ankle. Jumping from a Goldwing to this kinda heat is gonna take some getting use to.


I have an 06 Sofftail Deluxe and I had to have a leather thigh wrap made for my right leg due to the heat from my bike. Now after reading this thread, I will consider some of the options that have been recommended. Thanks.

Female rider in NJ


My right calf constantly gets burned from the same issue. They keep telling me to install a Stage 1 system at a cost of $2200.00 to resolve the issue.

I think the bike should have a recall due to the burn issue. I own a 2013 Ultra Classic.

to Anonymous #1007195

I just purchased a 2013 Ultra Classic and both of my calves were cooking, especially the right one! This is unbelievable, because I traded my 07 Fatboy and it never gave me a problem!

Could it be the 96 inch to a 103 inch or just lack of air. The other guy is right about 60 mph. It still cooks my the back of my thighs. Never paid much attention though assuming it must be safe.

First degree burns is unbelievable.

And to think I turned down a a deal on a 2015 BMW R1200RT decked out to save a few bucks buying the Road Glide. The wife wanted the seat and the floor boards.

to Anonymous Key Largo, Florida, United States #1341557

I have a 2015 Ultra , I can ride it, there is just to much heat coming from it, what can be done before I get rid of this bike

Yuma, Arizona, United States #873453

Harley Davidson is notorious for overheating because they refuse to use a completely liquid cooled engine like everyone else. For now I will continue to ride my Honda VTX 1300C in shorts, and in 115°f Arizona summers.

to Ryan #1007199

My brother's Harley shut of a couple times during a 9-11 NY run a couple years ago in sweltering heat and stop and go traffic, but his bike never failed to start back up and keep going. He said every bike that he seen getting loaded onto a trailer or truck was water cooled.

And... I am on my 8th Harley Davidson and the 2013 Road Glide Ultra is the first bike to ever cook me.

I have had over 35 motorcycles and the hottest one I ever remember was a 700 Honda Sabre. The fan would kick on for the radiator and just blast me with heat.


Guys , Gal, N.D.

If I have to put up with the ans burns to be TOUGH H.D. rider screw that!

I'm 64 , My new 2013 is WAY TO HOT. My 96 Soft tail is a COOL RIDE.

H.D. don't care.

Not pride anymore! if H.D. don't care it Honda,?,?,?,?, and even other U.S. builders make a cooler ride that older folks has to go to because we don't want to pass out at th red light!!!!

Buy i have also a BEAUTIFUL D.D.

ULTRA GLIDE LIMITED sitting in my garage because I'm not willing to give it away and HARLEY PEOPLE WON'T TOUCH IT WITHOUT COSTING MR MORE MONEY AND IT ONLY HAS 1100 MILES ON IT AND STILL UNDER WARRANTY !!!! Am I pissed, *** YEAH! Why should I have to pay to correct something they already know they should do! IT' BRAND NEW!

Maybe when H.D.

goes down AGAIN (which maybe the last time) they will say we could still be in business had we only cared about the people that BOUGHT THEM HOT RIDES , AND JUST COOLED THEM DOWN FOR THEM!

I'm Still paying for a $25,000.00 bike that I can only ride in temps BELOW 60%! But as I'm telling EVERYONE it's my LAST H.D.!

H.D. don't care NEITHER .....SO WHY SHOULD I?!

to Dannyboy #836181

Please excuse the grammar. Really I'M TOOOO HOT TO TYPE!

And it's not the temperature!

But if there is a class action law suit, Please let me know! I'M IN



Stop being a ***! Maybe buy a liquid cooled bike and make sure they throw in a Fannie pack for your tampons!

to Matt #836180

sounds like you have experienced this problem also!



make sure the bike is in time , they run hot when advanced take points cover off and see where the degree s are at in the notch, found that if you move it to the left up a little so you can just see the next time point she will idle start and run cooler had a problem with always having to use the choke and the poping back but this took care of everything you can always put it back to your original by looking at where the indent for the lockdown screws were try it you really cant screw it up ...


Last week I got an Ultra Glide at Vegas and rode it to Grand Canyon, Sedona and back. Just a two day trip which finished as *** with second degree burns on my right upper calf. Hate this bike!!!


Thank the US Govt and the E.P.A for making Harley tune the bikes so hot. Mine came like that but re-tuned in a way that Harley would not be allowed to and the engine picked up power MPG and runs 60 Degrees cooler now.

to Jim #1053577

Spread the word brother. Brahma


My 08 ultra is hotter than ***---o I think I'm riding on the surface of the sun. The factory needs to recall these red hot coal embers or give us money for cooking our hinnys and family jewels.

I wrote this thing a few years ago since then I've received several small burns to my leg I know their small but still should I get burnt on something I spent $20,000.00 on?

I've complained to Harley but they already got paid for this bike so I'm no concern of theirs. Since I live in Tennessee I guess I'll just get some Jack Daniels and pore it over my wounds.


I bought 2011 HD tri-glide trike in April. It was not my first HD.

In May went on 4200 mi. out west, within the 2nd day I had 2nd degree burns on my right calf, by the 4th day I had 1st degree burns between my legs which required me to ride on a wet towel for the remainder of my trip and still ended up with 2nd degree burns on the back upper thigh area of my right leg. What should have been a trip of a life time ended up being a trip from ***. I did call HD customer service.

They told me the motorcycle was doing as it was designed to do. I'm just sick. I trusted HD. At our dealership you aren't allowed to test drive.

I believe I would have noticed this heat problem.

I also had to buy another speaker system, because when going over 60 mph I couldn't hear my music with the standard stock system. I feel very much taken advantage of, and everybody at HD says they have never heard of this problem before.


hey guys try this. first of all change the air cleaner to a screaming eagle.

the have it either downloaded, or race tuner added, the tuner gets both cylinders to exact fuel to air ratios and also dissaptes heat better. also available is heat shields which hook to the frame so you wont burn your legs when your skirts blow in the wind

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