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I put my bike away using the 'breathable' cover supplied with the $37,000 CVO Harley Davidson. When I removed the cover in March there was damage all over the bike. Chrome was peeling off several parts. The only way to repair the engine finish was to replace the engine for $7,000. Harley denied warranty with any of their employees or reps inspecting the damage.

The dealer offered to repair the bike for over $10,000 which included a tidy profit on top of the thousands they made selling me that defective piece of ***. What should be done. According to Dave Lang, the Sales Manager of Crossroads Harley Davidson who sold me the bike:

"I have been on the phone and told them [HD] I think they are wrong ....."

"I feel they [HD] should be held responsible for their product."

"I can't accept the answers I got from the Motor Company either but as you know they hold all the cards......"

"My last statement to the Motor Company was, "I'm sorry to say but I will advise my friend to follow up with a lawyer to resolve this problem even if it means filing the Lemon Law act on it." ..."

Although he did not relay these thoughts to Harley. But I will. I intend to write to Keith Wandell, Harley's President, to see if he knows how a customer who has spent over $70,000 at HD in the past 2 years would be arbitrarily denied legitimate warranty repairs is treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Harley Davidson Repair.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1208167

How did you go I'm having the same problems on my cvo n we are not alone. I am trying to find the class action against Harley in the states.

Please let me know how u went.


Webster, New York, United States #907197

I have 2013 FLHX that the motor went bad with 2500 miles on it . the dealer told me they will fix it and did I ever think of putting a SE kit in ( this is the time to do it ) we agreed on the stage 4 kit .

after installing it and it still is not right I was told to bad the stag 4 kit voided your warranty. WOW I called HD and was told " what do you want us to do "" and hung up.

can you say Victory motorcycles? this was my 13 new Harley and my last

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #648195

I have a HD fat boy with chromed solid wheels which HD replaced under warranty due to defective chrome. It just peeled off.

After another 1500 miles the same thing happens and guess what. Warranty no longer applies and HD have no responsibility.

There is no defect chrome on any other part of the bike only the wheels. Basically its the last HD i will ever buy and would never recommend one to anyone.


Instead of buying a HD to brag about and keep in the garage, try riding it. I have 72,000 miles plus and it still has none of the issues that you have. Sorry bro but riding a scoot keeps it good shape...With maintenance of course !!


Sorry, I just don't buy the story. It has to be something environmental to the bike.

I have NEVER in all my years of dealing with Harleys ever seen that degree of chrome peel on a bike that wasn't way old. Definetly not to say it couldn't hapopen but to see it on different unrelated pieces tells me there is something more going on. As for the jug, how does that warrant a new engine?

Some crinkle paint and scuff the fin edges and it looks new, I have done many. How a $15 axle cap, $25 heel shifter and some peeling wrinkle paint from a jug equals $10G's I don't understand either.


I have the EXACT same problem on my CVO. The same parts too! There's no way it is a storage problem because I have another, older bike that has perfect chrome.


Looks like a $30,000 boat anchor. Did you spray it with saltwater everyday like it says in the owners manual?


Jasel - not trying to pile on in this case but this is a self induced storage problem. I have worked for harley dealerships and have been around them for over 30 years.

I have never seen this happen to a properly stored bike.

Something in your storage area caused this, for example if you have a pool and have a bucket of chlorine in your garage and ventilation is poor this will eat the finish of the bike. Other chemicals can do same thing


first of all guys let me say they is no such thing as a lemon law on motorcycles. its not like a car, save the attorney fees.

it does however look like it was stored in a damp place with no precautions taken. take respsonsibility for YOUR actions.and to the person who says they will return it it will just effect your credit


i hate to say much, but that looks like basic corrosion. how long was the bike stored?

did you perform any corrosion prevention either prior or during storage? was the storage area damp (moisture) or in a controlled environment?

to PhrogFlyer Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1208169

I have the same problem with a 2014 cvo chrome peeling off the wheels n pitting on other surfaces.

I have a 2014 (my sons) basic breakout my wife's 2010 wide glide a 1999 springer and finally a 79 Flh in the same garage.

Guess which is the only bike with chrome problems yes the 2014. Harlies answer was don't chrome like they used too. Mind u that was after they told me I didn't know how to store it gets ridden every week so then I must wash it wrong oh but I use Harley cleaning products well in that case u don't dry it off after washing it or riding it in the rain. Sorry sir but I blow dry it with the air blower u gave me for buying two bikes.

Well u must of ridden it in a suburb next to the sea.

Harley wrote the book on lies and ***. Joining in the class action against Harley in USA


I have the same exact paint issues on my engine. It is a 2009 Ultra and I am getting the same response.

We wont fix it under warranty, no changing our mind. I told them it would get fixed or I would return it to HD financial

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