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My wife and I: each had our own Harley, but we decided to trade in both of them for a Touring model (2014 Street Glide Special) that we both could ride together on long trips. We traded up (?) in Sept 2014 at Black Diamond Harley in Marion ILL. Black Diamond was and is exemplary.

About 4 weeks ago, I pulled the cover off our Harley and pulled it out of our attached garage to wash. While I was washing, I noticed to my Horror, that the upper stainless fork covers were rusted (picture attached). The motorcycle is practically new, had barely 500 miles on the odometer, and has a full factory warranty.

I immediately contacted Harley-Davidson customer care and talked to Ann. Ann informed me that a Dealer Service Dept. would have to look at it, but it would still not be covered under warranty because this is considered cosmetic. Are you KIDDING? I then asked to speak to her supervisor/dept manager to which she replied, "no matter how many times you ask its not going to happen". I kept asking, and she hung up. I called Harley Headquarters in Milwaukee and explained to the operator what happened/ could I please speak to the Customer Care Manager. He transferred me to her voicemail where she kindly gave her full name. Trust me on this one.....Harley does a Fine job of making sure you cannot Email Them for Any Reason. Carol Smith ( (800-258-2464) will not return my call or emails.

Since then, the closest dealer(Surdyke Harley) in Festus looked over the parts, tried to get them replaced for me, and tried to clean them. There was no success. With our trades, we paid $27,000 with some accessory items. That's A LOT of money for a lower middle class family with 5 children between us. Harley Davidson was always based on the Quality of product and my wife Terry and I have tried to stay loyal to them. Now just yesterday, I am informed that there is yet another recall on this model. This time its the Clutch Master and air bubbles.

Harley dealers each have a fund of some sort (Surdyke told me so) that if a dealer so chooses, can replace defective parts. Our selling dealership is hours away from us; very inconvenient.

What my wife and I want is Honesty, Justice, and for Harley to stand behind their product. Quality and Workmanship are a definite problem.

One Unhappy Honorably Discharged Gulf War Veteran.

M Boyer

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. oldfastford is overall dissatisfied with Harley Davidson and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about 2014 street glide special at Harley Davidson was attitude and dishonesty, cant contact them and poor quality parts Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Livingston, Tennessee, United States #1265769

I to am a vet and have to say have had similar problems Find Another stealer to spend your hard fought $$$$ on and be sure to show up with mama and the clan in tow to seal the visual effect needed to drive home the fact that you are not rich , but still stuck your As6 out there to defend there right to free living for sh-t pay (be sure they are tired & ill-tempered) be VERRY insist-ant on staying till some help is rendered. I traveled to a dealer 100 miles away to get a lazy lifter fixed (same dealer different location) it works just like a C&P exam ya gotta play the game and not take no for an answer --Drill sgt G

Milford, Delaware, United States #1230544

It's a shame but there is no honor or integrity in America anymore - they only time they care is right up to the point pay your money. Sad and getting worse every day.


Imagine harley dishonest who knew? Me they have screwed me on my piece of *** twin cam that came apart at 15.000 miles .I asked who thought a two piece crank is a great idea? They are hostile and indian will be my next bike.

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