Kingstree, South Carolina

Purchased a 2012 Harley Trike. The heat from the engine makes it impossible to enjoy.

I strapped a temp guage on my leg and within a 30 minute ride the heated on my legs reached 130 degrees. It doesn't matter if you are sitting still, 35 miles an hour or 60. Forget about stop and go traffic, but the dealer said that the bike wasn't design for stop and go traffic.

I asked them what do I do at Bike Week when I dont have a choice, only comment was to stop and let the bike cool off. Harley says that normal, do I really look that stuppid.

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Remove the cat

Batson, Texas, United States #1273953

I have a 2007 softail deluxe,oil cooler,d&d 2 into 1 fatcat,k&n air filter, thunder maxxforce tuner, oil temperature 180, hot days 90 degrees or above oil temp might hit 200 to 205, but that's alot of mods to make it run right

Pickens, South Carolina, United States #1215072

Harley haters riding jap bikes. If you love the best bike on the road, you deal with it!! Try adding the oil cooler or fans like I suggested.

Pickens, South Carolina, United States #1215068

Harley"s are air cooled, so they do put off alot of heat. They make an oil cooler now that you can add.

Also a product called love jugs, two fan mount that sits on each side of the horn to pull heat away. I have the 103 cubic inch and it definitely is hotter.

The new touring bikes have an oil cooler. Pretty "cool" since Harley's haven't offered that before now.

Bozeman, Montana, United States #1215065

it's all about emission's ? not Harley look towards the leader California...

strip that *** off ! let it breath and retune with a tuner there having to run so lean its just the ***.

tru duals, good flow mufflers, open air intake, a tuner to bypass the set emissions from California. you will cool it of and gain true horse power for better millage...just saying


why should we pay $$$$$ to hopefully eliminate Harley's poor product performance.

To buy a Trike that you can not enjoy until you have spent thousands of additional dollars with your bike in the shop for weeks shows just how much Harley Davidson cares for the customer. NONE.........................

to Anonymous #1265130

You idiots keep buying this stuff. That's why

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #1138816

Harley sucks.

2012 Tri Glide


There seems to be alot of ideas on making them run cooler, but are expensive to implement. You could just sell it to some sucker and buy a Honda.

I would.

I would just do it. -Brahma


put a set of nightrider oxygen sensors on and set them to the higest ratio. engine heat will come way down, get rid of the catalic converter, bigger air cleaner, V & H true duals, and a good tune.

that will knock down the heat dramitically.

was out on 400 mile ride in 96 degree weather and was fine. it was warm, but put on a good set of highway pegs, they make a big difference.

Medina, Ohio, United States #1027834

I see the 2016 Harley Trikes has a new air intake on the motor..Will that help a 2014 HD trike... I bought it new in 2014 and have spent alot of money on having the pipes replaced and heat shields ..

Would it help or can the air intake thing be put on my trike... The heat is really bad on the right side..


Get that catalytic converter off and stock pipes. Put on some rineharts and changed air cleaner. Bingo bango day and night difference.


So hardlys are only cool when they're not hot? Frickin' joke, can't ride a bike in traffic?

Check the weather channel before you ride your $30,000 bike, gad those bikes are heaps!

You charge more for 1940 technology and then you won't even try and fix the problems? No thank you.

Medina, Ohio, United States #860957

I bought a 2014 Harley trike last Sept...I paid $350 for Harley to replace the Catalytic Converter on it because they said it would help with the extream heat on the right side... I drove it from Ohio to Texas and found the heat unbairable on the right side ...

I ended up buying a "Frog Scarf" to wet and put on the inside of my right leg to finish the trip... Why doesn't Harley take care of there own problem and fix this extream heat problem... Other than the heat the trike made the trip fine.. I am 71 years old and a woman...

Harley needs to take care of there problem.... They blame the problem on the EPA.

to bj. is my nickname #1112761

No, no, no. Its your problem.

You bought it. You can spend more to fix it. That's what you should do. If you need to ride a harley; pony up with your dollars.

Support the stockholders. H.d puts out scrappy bikes and people buy them.

Its not their fault or problem again it yours. Brahma


Put Archoil AR9100 in the oil and it will cool down. Your idle oil pressure will go up also.

to Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts, United States #948248

how much oil? or just replace all the oil?

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #810019

I bought a 2011 TRIKE and it dose the same thing, it even bured my leg tbrough my jeans. The Harley machanics said the same, thar is normThatal. I CAN NOT ENJOY MY BIKE

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #687189

Best way to fix is change exhaust I put vance and hines headers and monster rounds and runs MUCH cooler and the knock has went away

Bozeman, Montana, United States #682850

I'm having the same identical problem. Harley does not help.

Any fix's that you've heard of? :(

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