Advertised vs Delivered
Turnaround Time

In my experience I had an interview it went great the business manger Ryan liked what I had to say and the only matters needed to check was with HR if would move forward. Ryan told me on two separate occasions, once at the end of the interview, and once again more than a week later when I stopped in that he would be contacting me and he never did, he just left me in the dark.

Extremely unprofessional. I called several times and every time I called they could see my name on the caller ID and the receptionist told me “Ryan is with a customer.” Which I found hard to believe bc most times I’ve gone in there it’s dead. Then the “sales manager,” Steve got in the phone and he was a bit pushy and rude with his explanation of them going with someone else.

Frankly I felt mistreated and that they handled the whole process poorly and unprofessionaly. I felt lied to and that they wasted my time.

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