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Update by user Sep 14, 2018

Bike was ready for pickup on 180914 so I went ahead and called the GM to let him know before it came time to pay for the bill that I didn't feel I should have to pay full price. He 100% took care of me and left the dealer extremely happy.

I got my bike and love it more than when it went in. I will still be doing most all the wrenching myself but they 100% made it right.

Twister City HD is and I will still call them my home dealer. Thank you guys for taking care of me and doing a good job on the bike.

Update by user Sep 08, 2018

I'm wondering if anyone else has the below problems with service at their respective HD dealer?

Original review posted by user Sep 08, 2018

I purchased a brand new softail slim (seriously had 7 miles on it) and immediately went into getting mods done. My plan was to just do everything myself but when it came time to do the handlebars I did a little bit of research and with my work schedule, two kids in sports, and masters classes I figured I didn't need the extra stress of taking on that big of a project with possible extender cables etc. So I go to my HD dealer first to get a quote of what it will take to get them done, and they say around 2k. Hard pill to swallow but my rationale was I can just pay the money and leave it to the experts to get it done right the first time, knock out my 1000 mile service, and be done with it, so here is a timeline of what I am now working with.

Prior to dropping bike off:

Go to dealer and spend 45 minutes with service reps picking handlebars I want to put on my bike and ensuring that they ordered ALL the parts they needed to complete the job and I pay for all of that up front, and scheduled the drop off date.

Week 1 awaiting deliverable call:

Excited to see I have a voicemail from HD I call them back just to be told that they ordered the wrong color cables since my bike is black the person who ordered them didnt order the right one. I told them that I was up there for 45 minutes making sure they had everything correct before I paid and was told it was so I feel I shouldnt have to pay for that, which I was happy to find out they didnt charge me for them (we will see on the final bill though). So missed deliverable waiting another week, I get it stuff happens. I go up to look at the gloss black upper and lower rocker box covers that did get put on and was crazy excited to get my bike back in another week.

Week 2

Another call from HD. This time the cables for both the clutch and brake were ordered too short. So....they need to order more cables. I was having a hard time finding a primary cover in gloss black so they said they have a vendor that will powder coat my current one and they can put them on at the same time. I figured what the heck right? By the time that gets in they should have all the correct parts for the handlebars and two birds with one stone. Lets do it.

Week 3

Kind of to their credit on this one. The primary came back with chrome showing through it so they didnt accept it. Turns out I finally got another primary cover delivered to my house so I offered to just bring it up so they can slap it on, I can pay, and out I go. Come to find out they haven't done anything with the bars outside of finding out they don't have the right stuff. I'm really a laidback guy, but now I am starting to get a little irritated.

Week 4

I actually call the HD dealer this time to ensure that there is nothing else that can go wrong. I am told that everything should be good to go and today (Friday Sept 7) Would be the deliverable. Im so excited I pack my helmet, gloves, and glasses with me to work and ready to take an uber to get my bike and just leave my car at the office. I notice I have a missed call from the dealer and call them back. Not surprised at this point, there was a part needed for the brake that was missed, and they said it would be overnighted and hopefully here on Monday. I ask about the primary cover and they haven't got it back yet and hope to get that Monday as well.

So now at this point Im not only frustrated but a little angry. I have been told that the manuals were hard to read, the manuals are confusing, AND they are learning also. I work in Aviation and if I told the owner of a multi million dollar aircraft the manuals are hard to understand and that's why we missed his deliverable three times our company would be eating A LOT of cost in labor and free parts. At this point I just tell them that I have a primary here and I don't care anymore Ill pay for the powder-coated one and I can just get it when it comes in.

So the new deliverable is Monday which I am not overly confident of and will probably not take my gear to work.

All the guys at the dealer are crazy nice, and I don't have any ill will towards them or the dealer. This is my very first Harley and first experience with the service department. I still love my bike, but I have learned a VERY painful first lesson and now know why everyone always says just do the maintenance yourself. I am looking forward to finally getting my bike back (hopefully in week 5 now), but I will be doing most if not all the wrenching myself moving forward.

I am really hoping when I go to pay for this that the dealer makes this right (discount, apparel gift card something, anything over an apology cause I have been apologized to the past 4 weeks) because at this point it is getting a little absurd. A job that was quoted to take a week has ballooned to about 5. Hopefully it will not be over 5.

There is an option to add photos and video for credibility but fortunately I have none since the dealer has had the bike.

Can't wait to get my bike!

Product or Service Mentioned: Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Reason of review: First overall experience with service not a good one.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Fact that its harley and the bikes are awesome, All of the reps are super nice.

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