Where to begin. We finally sold this mistake of a lifetime.

Buyer financed through a reputable Credit Union. Three check were sent in same envelope and received and signed by “Rich”. Only ONE of those checks were recorded. After many many calls to them I was told yesterday that “Those envelopes are machine sorted and only the top check would’ve been seen, then the rest of whatever whatever is in the envelope would’ve been SHREDDED” WHAAAT???

The reputable CU sends multiple checks in one envelope (with the payoff letter signed by all) for the payoff all the time. This has never been the case. Neither of the other 2 checks has been cashed and it’s been since 12/26 when they received it, only the big, several thousand dollar check from the CU. I’ve spoken to so many financial dept.

employees about this and NOONE seems to know what’s happening with the other 2 checks. Last person I spoke to told me Wtf in a very rude way to just “You’re not listening to me. Give it a few more days, it’s the HOLIDAYS” Well HD, tell me this.

Why would only ONE of the three checks be recorded on 12/29??? Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Harley Davidson Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3607.

Preferred solution: Record FULL payoff (within 10 day payoff period) and NO late charges .

I didn't like: No email contact, Poor customer service.

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Technically this review is about HDFS (Harley Davidson Financial Services) and their poor customer service. No one, NOONE can figure out where the other two payments that were in the envelope went.

Now, it’s my responsibility to cancel and reissue my payment. This makes NO SENSE. It’s 100% their fault.

What a disappointing experience. Don’t let this happen to you!


All of this and your efforts do not extend beyond "calling" or "e-mail". Why not just go spit into the wind as expect action based upon this.

This situation is way beyond calls and spirit communication. You must issue a formal demand for funds due and serve it via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. Be factual, polite, and brief. No emoting.

State that you will allow 10 business days for rectification prior to escalation of your claim. Keep copies of all correspondence and your postal receipts. Place or accept no more calls, request a written reply.

Why would you receive multiple checks for a single item ? I don't get that part.

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