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My husband and I financed a used harley about 8 months ago. One week after we got it the battery stopped holding a charge and it began leaking oil.

We understand that things happen and brought it back to the dealer to address the problems. Annoying but not a big deal. A few weeks later while my husband was driving on the highway doing 65 the engine seized leaving him in a very dangerous situation. He was lucky that nothing happened to him.

We arranged with the dealer to pick the bike up and they would diagnose the problem. When they got back to us they said they had bad news. Their mechanic had been test driving the bike and dropped it and now a bunch of parts had to be replaced. They said it wasn't bad but my husband wanted to see for himself and when he got there the bike looked like it had gotten into a really bad accident.

Harley kept the bike for 2 month keep in ming we are still making payments on a bike we cant ride.

They refused to give us a loner or compensate us for in any way for what had happened. All we really want is to return the bike and they refuse to take it back.

We are pissed. There have been more problems since then but i don't want to make you read a novel so I will finish up by saying this sucks and If anyone can help us that would be great.

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Don't buy a used harley. Too many shade tree mechanics think harleys are easy to work on or hot rod it up and mess stuff up. Mostly happens on harleys.


Send them all back

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #194841

sue their ***


Take them to court and ask to be made whole again !!!!!!

You will probably learn that the so called 'Tech' was riding it at night, on his own time, after it had been repaired.

This is a classic scam. Get a lawyer.


@ Mike - formal complaints don't do squat. I tried doing that to Biker Bob's in Taylor, MI awhile ago for a similiar situation.

Dealership had my bike for 2 months for a warranty repair, I was still making payments, they wouldn't do anything for me, and in the end they returned it and said nothing was wrong with it. I tried to file a formal complaint and got nowhere.

@ IIINRGIII - You can try a formal complaint with the company. When that doesn't work, contact the better business bureau.

You can fill out a formal complaint online. Once it's submitted, the company has a set amount of days to resolve the issue. I had to do this against Microsoft (long story), but in the end I got my money back. It's worth a shot and you've got nothing to lose.

I hope you get it worked out.

Last word of advice - don't buy another Harley ;)! They're not worth the frustration.


Where did you purchase this bike?? name the dealership...

Also there is a phone number in the front of your manual to lodge a formal complaint against that dealership. Do this, and they will help you get the results you are looking for.

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