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I'm Pissed because I paid over $20,000.00 for a 2008 Roadglide. I love the bike, but after some riding the bike engine gets hot.

Harley Davidson doesn't seem to care just selling lots of motorcycles.Harley better get off their butts and start correcting these problems or people like myself will go for the Americam Victory bike the next time around. This is my 4th harley since 2002.

I read reviews all the time, if it isn't the cams going bad or learning the cranks are being made in china not the bike buring your *** off when trying to ride.

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Batalha, Alagoas, Brazil #63490

The engine is air cooled. It will be hot under certain conditions.

I've neen riding Harley's since 1996, I had 60,000 miles on my last one and 31,000 on my current one.

Never had a problem. Lots of friends with them too.

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