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On May 23rd, I went to the Desert Wind Harley Davidson showroom (Mesa, AZ) to test drive the 2016 Dyna Switchback. I talked to a very professional young sales person, and I test drove the motorcycle that day.

After the test drive, I told him and his manager that I will be coming the next day with my wife to test drive again to see how it feels riding together. When I talked about the price, he confirmed it will be as per the internet price. So on May 24th, we went to the showroom. The person I spoke to on the 23rd was not in, so I met with another other sales person.

The moment we met this sales person, we felt that this day was not going to be as smooth and nice as the day before. In short, we both immediately realized that this sales person had a bad attitude, and we did not feel comfortable talking with him. His behavior was not only unprofessional but unfriendly. In fact, we felt that he did not want us to be there.

It was strange, and we felt like he didn't want us to look at the Switchback, let along test drive it. And every time that we asked him a question, especially when we questioned why he was asking us for information that other HD showrooms never asked us for, he would repeatedly say one of two things: 1) "Why are we being so difficult?" and 2) "Maybe the other Harley showrooms are not doing their job properly." In addition to that, (here is my main concern) when we asked for a pricing estimate of the motorcycle, he DEMANDED that we give our Social Security Number. When we asked why he needed an SSN in order to give us a price for the bike, he said that this is his daily job and he has to ask every customer to give the SSN in order to give the price. When we declined to give the SSN (because, as victims of identity theft, we saw no logical reason to do so), he proceeded to tell us that we are the first people he's ever worked with who do not want to share their SSN, and then he repeated his "Why we are so difficult?

I don't understand why you're being so difficult" rant. Now since they have my driver license copy, I worry that they may misuse it. I am going to monitor my credit report to ensure that there is no identity theft, and if there is any, then the first thing I am going to do is to go to the police station and report about this incident. Now, perhaps the most important thing about this experience is that for the last couple of days (even before May 23rd), the internet was listing the price of the bike as $15,654 (refer to attachment).

This same price is also what was listed before we arrived at the showroom on the 24th. However, during our visit, they tried to quote us a higher price, telling us that they were giving us a "great deal." It was so ridiculous, and we felt that they were trying to make fools of us. After we left, we looked up the bike again online, and they had increased the price to $17,994! That is not only annoying, but sneaky.

This is the worst experience we have ever had at a Harley Davidson showroom. I was going to buy my first Harley motorcycle, and I was so happy about it. I was very mush inclined to Harley Davidson because it is known as a PRIDE OF AMERICA, but now it feels that they just cheat people and have no respect for the customer. Now I think I should be considering a Honda or Triumph or Indian motorcycle.

Harley Davidson seems to be attracting customers by putting a low price online, and then the moment someone walks in to look at it, they think "Oh, these customers want this motorcycle so now is the right time to bring it back up to the original price" and then give a "discount" that's nowhere close to the internet price.

Is that how Harley is going to sell all their motorcycles? This is pathetic customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Harley Davidson Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Feeling like nobody cares, Hike up the price, Attitude and dishonesty.

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When you are willing to part with a lot of money and asking competent questions pertaining to your purchase and get bad feelings. Walk.

It's like when the hair on the back of my neck stands up. It's time to go.

Crescent City, California, United States #1336588

Poor kid. Sorry about your luck.

Your first harley and your worst experience at a Harley shop?. What were you buying before? T-shirts?. You don't deserve a Harley.

I see people like you all the time. Your lame

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