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I purchased a 2008 Ultra (sold an '02 Classic) thinking I was getting a great new M/C. I recently took it in for the 10,000 mile service and was informed the clutch cable was leaking oil and needed to be replaced($300.00+), and the starter was leaking oil ($400.00+).

I complained to the Service Mgr. (Orange County H.D. in Irvine, CA) and was informed it was out of Warranty (2 years, not mileage). I asked if this was common on such short mileage and he responded "not really", but stuff happens. He referred me to H.D. Customer Service (interesting term, "Customer Service") and they responded with "it's out of Warranty and it doesn't matter if it only has 10,000 miles.

So much for H.D.'s backing up their product, and a fairly expensive one. I sure as heck will not be purchasing a new H.D. any time in the future, nor will I refer H.D. to any of my friends/family/associates. This is not meant to be a negative comment about the dealership, just good old H.D. corporate and their lack of concern/ability to stand behind their product.

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Out of warranty is just that. Ask an accountant.

Your riding around on one of the most expensive motorcycles on the street. Repair it and quit whining.

You sound like a sniveling brat. B

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