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I have a 2008 CVO Ultra that I purchase new on 08 and have nothing but problems with it from the first week of owning it. It runs great but all of the Chinese made *** on it is continually failing.

I have also had many paint issues. Harley sent 4 tour pack lids that the dealer rejected because the holes for the luggage rack did not line up. Harley told the dealer to elongate the holes to make it work and the dealer refused. Harleys fix for this was to send a new lid with the rack installed.

See photos of elongated holes in the original lid. The reason for the replacement was the paint was bubbling around the mounting posts for the luggage rack. I am on my second front fairing because of paint bubbling around the windshield mounting screws. The replacement fairing did the same exact thing.

See photos of both issues. The parts Harley did replace had the same issues as the original parts and the other issues they claim to be normal. My seat is tearing from underneath. Harley claims this is normal wear and tear and not covered under the extended warranty that I spent way too much money on.

See photo of seat. I have chrome falling off of my shift and rear brake levers and Harley says this is a cosmetic issue and not covered by warranty. I have my front brake lever with t he chrome bubbling and Harley claims this is a cosmetic issue. This part is bad on one side and the bracket it attached to is fine.

See photo of the defective lever. Both of my mirrors had the chrome bubbling around the mirror. The chrome on the stems was fine. Harley would not replace because according to them this was a cosmetic issue.

My local dealer stepped up to the plate to replace the mirrors and a year later the same exact problem happened and this time nobody would replace them. The best one here is that this bike will not always down shift. It will feel like I am in first gear but I am still in 2nd or 3rd. I took the bike back to the selling dealer and was told that this was normal.

I told the service manager that if this was normal I would like to make an appointment to make my 1965 FLH, 1994 Fatboy and 1998 Fatboy normal as none of those Harleys that I owned shift like that. The service manager escorted me outside and that was the last time I spent any money at that dealer. I have had the bike in the shop at least 5 times for the shifting issue and keep getting told its fixed and within a couple of days it happens again.

If any other company operated this way they would be out of business. When Harley goes into decline they better remember how they treated their customers and why we will no longer buy their products.

I am waiting to see what Indian comes out with this year.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States #1218007

you probably kept your foot on the shifter and didnt notice it. i do htat sometimes but recognize it


They are in steady decline. They are for profit.

They are not going to give you the same new chrome junk parts every year. You could have bought a loaded Beemer but you needed to look cool and sound great didn't you?

Enjoy your chinese junk chrome. Johnny

to Anonymous #1106059


As you don't know ow me or why I purchased this bike. All you have done with your comment is to show your a ***.

Why the *** would I want a Beemer?

to Anonymous #1120949

Well you most likely wouldn't be whining about it. Jr

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1187723

Its not a harley. That's why.

You sound like a real letter.

Do you get beat up by your wife? Johnny


tip 1: don't buy Harley. Waste of money on a brand name that is truly not made like it used to and never will be again.

You learned an expensive lesson.

Sell it and shift your money and loyalty to a different motorcycle company. If they keep up that sshiit service, enough people will leave to hurt their bottom line.

to Daisy Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #797643


Be assured this is my last Harley. I have a 65 FLH and a 94 and 98 Fatboy in the garage and those 3 together have not given as many problems as the CVO.

Indian has already offered to take this POS in on trade.


Try being a bit more polite and you will go a bit further. You sound like a very unreasonable person.

to Realist #797611

You should get real.

If any car company put out a product like this and did not stand behind it they would be out of business.

I would be happy to sell you this machine and you can see just how far nice gets you with Harley.

to Anonymous Sawyer, Minnesota, United States #1194642

Again idiots buy this junk you are complaining about. It sends a bad message to harley.

They will not up their game when it still sells. Some idiots are too into studs, tassels, logos, plaques, badges,flags, pinwheels and furbys etc.

Adrian, Michigan, United States #672452

my new 2013ultra tour pack lid has bad long scratches behind the back rest where the studs go threw the fiberglass you cant see it but I know its their yes iam fussy i will show the dealer today I want a new lid in good condition I hope Harley stands behind their work

to bubba #1275130

They wont

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